‘The Walking Dead’ Season 4 Episode 11 – ‘Claimed’ Review

I sat down this evening to watch my weekly fix of AMC’s The Walking Dead, a series, which in case you didn’t know focuses on a group of survivors after the zombie apocalypse. I took a load of notes down and will be running through them, hoping to reach some sort of conclusion at the end.

The major thing I enjoyed about this episode was the fact that there actually some dramatic tension, which was at a consistently good quality – the scene where Rick was hiding under the bed in a ‘Taken’ fashion, I was fully expecting some foreign terrorist to pull him out by his feet and turn him into a sex slave… no, really, I was. It was nice to see some tension at long last, as essentially, a ‘horror/drama’ should have some tension, which I believe has really been inconsistent lately. Although we didn’t just see dramatic tension this episode, we saw some ‘romantic-tension’ *raises one eyebrow seductively* in particular, Rick and Michonne! Of all the characters, I definitely could feel some vibes de l’amour throughout the opening scenes. Is Michonne going to slowly replace Lori and become the most ridiculously stupid character on the show? I hope not.

I was also pretty glad to see some development of an actual storyline, in contrast to the last two episodes of what can simply only be described as ‘wandering around’, we have the ‘scientist’, whose name escapes me, so for the process of this review, shall be named Short-Life-Expectancy-Guy (Or Sleg for short). Sleg actually brings an interesting turn in the story, about the origins of the virus, something which has really been left by the wayside since the end of season 1 when we visited the CDC and our friend Dr Jenner and his bad CGI effects-show. I’m glad to see Sleg, Ginger army dude and Lara Croft, as a trio who I hope will stay for at least a little while as I really do, despite my satirical naming system, like the characters and ginger army dude brings some much needed humour into the array as I don’t think I can cope with Carl’s 80’s sitcom laugh which we heard during his discussion with Michonne at the start of the episode, as he was munching on his surprisingly not out-of-date cereal (I can’t even keep a pack of shreddies in the cupboard without ’em going soft in a few weeks). My only criticism of Sleg and the gang is the fact, after however many years we are into this apocalypse, Sleg hasn’t been taught how to shoot and consequentially, although highly convenient for the plot to advance and keeping the characters in the show, breaks the armored vehicle (which I suspect was made on the cheap).

I noticed some quite dark scenes throughout this episode and one in particular caught my eye as being a bit rough, even for the Walking Dead’s gruesome standards: this being the scene when Michonne enters the little girls room which is full of the dead families rotting corpses – I found this particular disturbing, even to my insensitive heart-strings and felt this was very out of place, and something which may foreshadow the future of The Walking Dead, as it supposedly set to take a darker turn towards the end of the series and it will be interesting to see how this pays off.

The other things I picked up on during this episode were: Rick’s tarzan-esque dress style – ripped shirt, sleeveless, bloody cuts – all that was needed was a strong African drumming soundtrack and it’s essentially a preview for the new Tarzan film coming to our screens later this year. I also picked up on the continuity of that damn can of ‘Crazy Cheese’ which showed the slightly comical aspect which the writers were trying to include so that it was not all dark and depressing. Finally, I was glad to see that Rick had learned from Solid Snake’s stealth skills from Metal Gear Solid although he was far too patient for my liking when hiding outside the front porch and did not use a cardboard box to stealth away from the thug.



Storyline Development


SLEG and the Gang



A few cliche plot conveniences

Felt a little too borrowing from other films, shows and games.


Result – A Can of Crazy Cheese signed by SLEG and the Gang – 4/5




Interview with XaPhobia – Creator of the Zombie Pigman Skin

Interview with XaPhobia – He Made The ZombiePigman Skin!!

Today I got to interview the creator of the ZombiePigman Skin! XaPhobia! Awesome Guy! Awesome Mob! Awesome Skin!
His Twitter!

Start Interview –

Sam Wilson: Firstly, Explain who you are to those who don’t know.

Chris B: Mm, XaPhobia, I’m a guy of a few talents, I guess. I write code in Java and C++. I also code websites as a side hobby. I’m getting progressively better at it, but people know me as the minecraft skinmaker who created that notorious Zombie Pigmen in the Nether.

Sam Wilson: That is awesome!
Sam Wilson: Have you played much of the 1.0.0 update of Minecraft?

Chris B: More than I’d like to admit, really. All I’ve been doing these last few weeks was playing in a few 1.0.0 servers. With a side play of Grand Theft Auto IV.

Sam Wilson: Haha. Did you attend Minecon?

Chris B: Of course. It was fun flying out to Las Vegas from Florida.

Sam Wilson: What was the best bit?

Chris B: Getting to help out as one of the MineCon Agents, I believe.

Sam Wilson: That’s cool ^.^
Sam Wilson: What’s your favourite mob in the game?

Chris B: I think that one’s a given. The very one I created, of course! The Nethers most populated mob, the Zombie Pigmen

Sam Wilson: Haha. Singleplayer or Multiplayer?

Chris B: A split of both, really. I do enjoy playing Multiplayer with friends, but I’m trying to make my own single player adventure series on YouTube.

Sam Wilson: Fair enough.
Sam Wilson: Would you class yourself as a builder or a survivor?

Chris B: Honestly? Survivor. I’m not fond of playing in Creative mode.

Sam Wilson: haha.
Sam Wilson: If you could REMOVE one thing from the game… what would it be?

Chris B: There’s not much I’d remove, really. The only things I’ve distaste for is the enchanting items with xp and how they weakened the diamond sword.

Sam Wilson: If you could ADD one thing to the game… what would it be?

Chris B: Ohohoho, that’d be a tough one. Actually, no it’s not. I want barbed wire fences! But Evil_Notch doesn’t like them. >:C

Sam Wilson: Haha
Sam Wilson: What other games do you play?

Chris B: I have too many to list. D: But specific ones? GTA IV is one of my favourites along with Resident Evil. But if we’re going based off computer games, then Terraria is coming in a close third, right behind the Roller Coaster Tycoon series. Except Roller Coaster Tycoon 3. I don’t like the new style. I miss the old blocky style!

Sam Wilson: Haha
Sam Wilson: When you made the ZombiePigman, did you expect it to be used by Notch?

Chris B: Actually, no. I was originally making it as a halloween thing for Miclee when we were with World of Minecraft. He was an Owner and I was an Executive back then (Highest ranks. Owner > Executive), and we were doing a staff Halloween skin theme. But Miclee tweeted Notch with it and Notch actually saw it.

Sam Wilson: Woah, that’s awesome!
Sam Wilson: Finally, How much more would you like to be added to Minecraft?

Chris B: More use in the oceans are a must. If the world generator gets tweaked to support larger maps and deeper oceans, then adding hostile water mobs will be a definite. I also would rather have the Nether exist directly below the bedrock level of the current world. Adding those “world holes” back so you can just dig your way into the Nether. Lets not forget giving the Villagers some functionality. Like killing a librarian gives you some books or a bookshelf, killing the priest gives gold nuggets or ingots, killing the normal people give wood tools or be capable of trading with all of them. They need sounds, too!

Sam Wilson: Awesome

–End Interview–

Well, that was fun 😀 Great Guy! Great Answers.