5 Things We Can Look Forward to as Twitch Plays Pokemon Takes on Johto



Just half an hour ago, Twitch Plays Pokemon kick-started their second journey into the Johto region and the wonders that lie within. Sitting here watching it, I’ve been trying to think of five awesome reasons why this will possibly be better than the original. So without further ado, let’s begin!

Number One – Shiny Pokémon

With the release of Generation Two, Nintendo introduced Shiny Pokémon into the game – I struggle enough through a playthrough when trying to find a shiny but with the length of time it’s going to take the stream to complete this game, I would not be surprised if they encounter one. I cannot wait to see the dread and disappointment on the faces of people as they watch a shiny Sneasel lose all of it’s HP and faint. This may not happen straight away, but when it does, I’m sure it will go down as the most watched part of the stream.

Number Two – All The Gyms!

Unlike the first generation, the second generation included a whole new set of gyms but included the old ones too – this means 16 badges and then the Pokémon league. It took long enough on the first stream to collect 8 badges and beat the league, but another 8 as-well. My Helix, this is going to take forever and at this rate, forty minutes through the game and we’re still stuck in the long grass on THE FIRST ROUTE, this is going to be a long adventure, my friends.

Number Three – Bug Contests!

I think a genuinely interesting challenge will be seeing if 80,000 people can win the bug-catching-contest which taunted us as children, spending 15 minutes looking for a Scyther, only to be outmatched by a level 15 Metapod? This is the kind of contest I’ll be interested in seeing when we finally get there. I think we should take on one challenge at a time, so let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

Number Four – Suicune

Talking about getting ahead of ourselves, Suicune, the most illustrious legendary in the game, always running, always hiding, it will be interesting to see, after we’ve beaten the league, if we keep playing until we catch Suicune. I remember spending hours as a kid trying to hunt down and catch suicune, so considering how much of an distortion of mess TPP is, it will definitely be a miracle if they can do it.

Number Five – The Hype

When the first Twitch Plays Pokemon launched, it was fairly unheard of but since then it has become an internet phenomenon – with this comes hype. Already, 40 minutes through the stream, 80.000 people are watching, and this is before a majority of Americans have come on the stream. This is a large amount of viewers to have and I doubt the hype will stop there, before long I expect way over 100,000 viewers on average.



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Kick-Ass 2 (2013) Film Review

It has been a while since the original Kick-Ass film, which I enjoyed, and I was thoroughly looking forward to the sequel. I made a trip to the cinema and was not disappointed – despite the fact that the film was not as comical as the first film. Anyway, here’s today’s review!

The acting in this film was average – nothing amazing but it wasn’t poor. Chloe Moretz and Aaron Johnson did well – as did Jim Carrey and Christopher Mintz-Plasse. I can’t slate the acting too much except for the fact that it was just generic ‘comedy’ film acting. Acting Rating – 7/10.

The story in this film was pretty good – it had some interesting parts and throughout the film I was kept excited and interested – instead of distant and tired. The story was fairly reminiscent of the first film but had some interesting concepts added to the base design. Story Rating – 8/10.

The cinematography in this film was nothing special either – there was no shaky cam, which is always a benefit, but there were no outstanding shots either. There were a few slow-motion camera shots that were interesting to watch but apart from that, it was fairly basic. Cinematography Rating – 7/10.

I really enjoyed the music in this film – from a collection of original scores which acted as backing music, to a whole separate album of actual songs – including Korobeinki – The Tetris Theme – which I picked up on almost instantly and poked the person next to me in the cinema until they heard me whisper “WHY ARE THEY PLAYING THE TETRIS THEME?” Music Rating – 9/10.

This film was fairly creative – as are the comics – this was something which was fairly exciting and was something different to every other superhero film that is out there at the moment – but it was maybe riding off the first film’s back a bit too much. Creativity Rating – 8/10.

The special effects in this film were mainly blood and gore – and the odd explosion or two. I can hardly complain about this but there was not much variety in what the special effects were used for. My only complaint was a bit of shoddy green-screening towards the latter moments of the film. Special Effects Rating – 8/10.

For a comedy film – I did not laugh anywhere near as much as I did during the first film – this film was much more serious and dealt with many more serious matters than the first film did. For that reason – I have graded this quite low on the basis that it was supposed to be a comedy film, not a drama. Comedy Rating – 6/10.

To conclude, this film was similar to the first film but in some ways, very different. It was this mixture that made me uncertain of whether or not I liked the film. Anyway, I’m going to rate this film Three and a Half Stars.


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