Top 5 Reasons to be Excited About Peter Capaldi Becoming the New Doctor

Today, I have a beautifully crafted guest article from BritishCynicism, a good friend of mine. Check his site – here.

Top 5 reasons to be excited about Peter Capaldi becoming the new doctor

I am a huge doctor who fan. Like literally massive. I’ve been watching it for far too long, and have been caring about its characters for even longer (don’t ask how it works), and so now I think I’ve got a pretty good grasp on the whole thing; It’s good points, it’s bad points and its points that we’d rather leave alone in the corner to think about what it’s done (COUGH COUGH Dinosaurs on a spaceship).

Now, I have to admit, I did get pretty damn teary when Matt Smith said his final goodbyes at Christmas, and have been recovering very slowly ever since, but it’s come to the point now where I’m starting to see the positives of this whole situation by looking forward and smiling rather than looking back and hideously weeping and screaming in some sort of weird combination resembling half of the cinema after having to sit through happy feet 2 four times over non-stop. Peter Capaldi has already received some hate since being named as the new doctor, as you would probably expect, but here I am today to tell you that it’s not all that bad, and give you 5 good reasons why Peter Capaldi is a good casting choice as the last of the Time Lords.

  1. He’s older

Despite how many people see this as a major issue concerning the casting, Capaldi’s age ironically allows him to breath fresh new life into the role, and allows a whole different view on the Doctor to be formed now that we have someone who looks closer to the real age of the Doctor, rather than the baby-faced Smith and less-baby-faced-but-still-more-baby-faced-than-Capaldi Tennant. Having this older figure means that his age is more believable and his ravage from time and space and most of the time central Cardiff can actually be shown rather than just imagined. It takes the focus away from jumping about and running around and puts it more on the emotional portrayal of the Doctor himself and you know, his face, which will be nice to see as its something new for the NuWho generation. Hopefully the ‘Run’ line won’t be changed to ‘pout’ though.

  1. He’s, you know, a good actor

Peter Capaldi is arguably one of the best TV britsh actors out there, comedy wise anyways, and has received large amounts of praise for his role as Malcolm Tucker in ‘The Thick of It’ and its subsequent film In the Loop, as well as his countless other roles in British TV including Doctor Who and Torchwood. Now, I’m not the best at all this, but I think that means that he’s a pretty good actor, if he’s managed to get this far without appearing in a 1980’s remake or a CGI film about a small boys lifelong dream to become the first pilot with a detachable neck. If this is true, then surely, it’s a good thing that there’s a good actor gracing the audiences of Doctor Who, and we should be embracing this rather than telling him to go ‘do one’ followed up by the customary two fingers at each one of his now broken hearts.

  1. He’s a big fan of the show

In case you didn’t know by now, Peter Capaldi is actually a huge fan of the show, and has been since he was a child, just like most of the people watching at home, so if anyone wants him to do well in this role, it’s him. He’s been wanting this role since he was a child, and so hopefully, he’ll be doing his best to do it some justice at least, and considering he probably should know the show inside out by now, who’s to say that he can’t? The fact that he’s a fan combined with his good acting skills means that he’ll be able to bring something we haven’t seen for a while to a very old role, and I don’t know about you but I’m excited for it, because I know that the role couldn’t be in much better hands. Except for an actual time lord. That’d be pretty cool. But budget cuts screwed that one I guess.

  1. No more Doctor-Human romance

Let’s be honest, over the past few years, the doctor has been getting around. Quite a lot. I don’t have a problem with it, god no, especially not with Clara now leading the line, but I feel that now might just be the time for the Doctor to step away from the bedroom department, but his screwdriver back in his trousers and focus on actually saving his people rather than playing tonsil-tennis with some random girl from Croydon who gets captured every episode. Peter Capaldi, being substantially older than Clara, should hopefully step away from all this (without the BBC crossing some serious lines) and so hopefully this will allow both the Doctor and Clara’s characters to develop in different directions rather than just companions with benefits, which, in my humble opinion, will be a nice change from the usual romance we’re used to.

  1. He’s playing the Doctor

Since Peter Capaldi is playing the part we all love, I think that maybe just a little bit of support would be nice for the new part of the show. The character himself hasn’t changed, just the actor, and so it’s not too much of a massive change, especially considering the calibre of actor. Also, the new actor means that the whole dynamic of the show can change for the better, exploring new avenues of stories, emotions, actors and enemies which weren’t easy to do in Smith’s slightly more lively reign as the Doctor. And that is exciting, no matter how you look it. And I’ll damn well tut at anyone who says otherwise.

Peter Capaldi, I welcome you with open arms, and everyone else should too.


10 Interesting Facts About Game of Thrones

Number Ten

Harry Lloyd, who played Viserys Targaryen for his short spell on the show, is actually the great-great-great-grandson of Victorian writer Charles Dickens, who is perhaps one of the greatest writers of all time.

Number Nine

Bastards wear their normal house colours, except inverted, therefore Jon Snow would wear a white wolf on a grey background, perfectly represented by his direwolf, ghost.

Number 8

Game of Thrones related baby names have shot up recently, in 2012, Arya was one of the most popular baby names for girls whereas Khaleesi was a common choice with over 160 parents. Scary!

Number Seven

Alfie Allen (Who plays Theon Greyjoy) is the brother of pop singer Lily Allen, who wrote this song about him, in which he is played by a disturbing puppet who does nothing but smoke drugs and play video-games.

Number Six

The horse heart that Daenerys ate during this unforgettable scene was actual a giant mass of gummy bears. I think if I was in Emilia’s shoes I would’ve thrown up more than she did.

Number Five

Actor Jack Gleeson, who plays Joffrey on the show, stated that after his role in Game of Thrones has finished, he’ll be taking a break from acting to pursue a different career path.

Number Four

The show is broadcasted in a grand total of 48 different countries, a number which not many other TV shows can compete with. Very popular indeed.

Number Three

This may not be too interesting to some of you, but to me personally, I enjoy this fact. Isaac Hempstead-Wright, who plays Bran, actually attends a school not too far away from mine, and one of the art teachers at my school actually taught him at one point. I’m pretty impressed.

Number Two

Kit Harington, who plays Jon Snow, not only starred alongside co-star Sean Bean in the Silent Hill sequel but is also the descendent of King Charles II of England. The bastard has royal blood, who knew?!

Number One

The battle and struggle for power that the series is essentially based around, is based on the English ‘civil war’, the War of the Roses – according to the novel’s author George R.R. Martin




Hope you enjoyed the read!:)

‘The Walking Dead’ Season 4 Episode 11 – ‘Claimed’ Review

I sat down this evening to watch my weekly fix of AMC’s The Walking Dead, a series, which in case you didn’t know focuses on a group of survivors after the zombie apocalypse. I took a load of notes down and will be running through them, hoping to reach some sort of conclusion at the end.

The major thing I enjoyed about this episode was the fact that there actually some dramatic tension, which was at a consistently good quality – the scene where Rick was hiding under the bed in a ‘Taken’ fashion, I was fully expecting some foreign terrorist to pull him out by his feet and turn him into a sex slave… no, really, I was. It was nice to see some tension at long last, as essentially, a ‘horror/drama’ should have some tension, which I believe has really been inconsistent lately. Although we didn’t just see dramatic tension this episode, we saw some ‘romantic-tension’ *raises one eyebrow seductively* in particular, Rick and Michonne! Of all the characters, I definitely could feel some vibes de l’amour throughout the opening scenes. Is Michonne going to slowly replace Lori and become the most ridiculously stupid character on the show? I hope not.

I was also pretty glad to see some development of an actual storyline, in contrast to the last two episodes of what can simply only be described as ‘wandering around’, we have the ‘scientist’, whose name escapes me, so for the process of this review, shall be named Short-Life-Expectancy-Guy (Or Sleg for short). Sleg actually brings an interesting turn in the story, about the origins of the virus, something which has really been left by the wayside since the end of season 1 when we visited the CDC and our friend Dr Jenner and his bad CGI effects-show. I’m glad to see Sleg, Ginger army dude and Lara Croft, as a trio who I hope will stay for at least a little while as I really do, despite my satirical naming system, like the characters and ginger army dude brings some much needed humour into the array as I don’t think I can cope with Carl’s 80’s sitcom laugh which we heard during his discussion with Michonne at the start of the episode, as he was munching on his surprisingly not out-of-date cereal (I can’t even keep a pack of shreddies in the cupboard without ’em going soft in a few weeks). My only criticism of Sleg and the gang is the fact, after however many years we are into this apocalypse, Sleg hasn’t been taught how to shoot and consequentially, although highly convenient for the plot to advance and keeping the characters in the show, breaks the armored vehicle (which I suspect was made on the cheap).

I noticed some quite dark scenes throughout this episode and one in particular caught my eye as being a bit rough, even for the Walking Dead’s gruesome standards: this being the scene when Michonne enters the little girls room which is full of the dead families rotting corpses – I found this particular disturbing, even to my insensitive heart-strings and felt this was very out of place, and something which may foreshadow the future of The Walking Dead, as it supposedly set to take a darker turn towards the end of the series and it will be interesting to see how this pays off.

The other things I picked up on during this episode were: Rick’s tarzan-esque dress style – ripped shirt, sleeveless, bloody cuts – all that was needed was a strong African drumming soundtrack and it’s essentially a preview for the new Tarzan film coming to our screens later this year. I also picked up on the continuity of that damn can of ‘Crazy Cheese’ which showed the slightly comical aspect which the writers were trying to include so that it was not all dark and depressing. Finally, I was glad to see that Rick had learned from Solid Snake’s stealth skills from Metal Gear Solid although he was far too patient for my liking when hiding outside the front porch and did not use a cardboard box to stealth away from the thug.



Storyline Development


SLEG and the Gang



A few cliche plot conveniences

Felt a little too borrowing from other films, shows and games.


Result – A Can of Crazy Cheese signed by SLEG and the Gang – 4/5



10 Fun Things to do in Far Cry 3

Everyone’s enjoying Far Cry 3 – but have you completed the game? Have you unlocked every radio tower and conquered every enemy post? Then here’s my list of “10 Fun Things to do in Far Cry 3”


1: Collect ’em All!

Around the map are 200 or so collectible items: relics, WW2 letters and memory cards. If you are the kind of person who loves to complete games thoroughly then you should explore the vaas-t (heh, get it?) map and collect all of these items. Some require a sense of adventure and some require raw killing power to find them. One things for certain, this won’t be a five minute job.


2: Deadliest Catch

This is one of my favourite things to do when i’m bored in Far Cry 3. Simply find a lot of crimson leaves and make lots of hunters instinct syringes. Then, find a boat with a mounted gun and sail out into the middle of the ocean. Once there, use the syringe and get ready to make some noise and watch the entire shark population of Rook Island come for their dinner. Then, hop into the mounted gun and destroy all the living things in the surrounding area.


3: I Choose You! Tiger / Bear!

As you may know, at various enemy outposts, they decide to keep dangerous, man eating animals in flimsy wooden cages. When invading a enemy outpost (if you haven’t already beat them all), shoot anywhere on the wooden cage surrounding the animal and bit by bit, the animal will tear apart everyone inside. Who needs to do any work yourself anyway?


4: The Road Block

Are you a fan of explosions, well simply find 2 or 3 cars and block up a bridge or popular road. Then strap 2 C4 to the cars. Wait for traffic to pile up, friendly or hostile and click that C4 Switch. The more you kill, the more XP you get so be patient and strike at the optimum time. Alternatively, stick 2 landmines on a bridge, less patience, less XP.


5: The Kamikaze Tortoises of Doom

Here’s a fun use for passive animals. Buy some C4 and strap it to the backs of 1 or 2 turtles. Note: this requires extreme patience. Wait from a distance and using your camera, track the turtles as they make their way into interesting areas. Then, when you’re so bored you can’t wait much more. Blow them up and watch tiny little chunks of tortoise fly into the dinners of native children.


6: Friends, What Friends?

After conquering an enemy outpost, you find that Rakyat warriors come to your aid (a bit late) and claim the outpost. Well, when exploring the nearby areas, you will find a lot of Rakyat going out for a nice drive through the country. Grab a car yourself and have some fun. It may sound complicated but lock with another car, (side by side), and drive the Rakyat off a bridge. They’ll automatically drown and you’ll have some free ammo and loot!


7: Go Paragliding

I’m sure each and everyone of you that own Far Cry 3 have at some point gone paragliding, but have you tried abandoning ship in mid-air and trying to survive the fall. A bit of a challenge but looks cool if you do it right. Try near-missing through a mountain range, or plummeting straight into the ocean, hours of fun.


8: Go Cenote Diving

Around the map, you’ll find lots of ravines and cenotes, well for a bit of fun, try doing the flashiest dive into the boStttom and once you’re there. Look around for hidden loot and hidden items. But don’t forget about the crocodiles that lurk underwater – make yourself a nice leather wallet whilst you’re at it!


9: Make a Stand

If you haven’t conquered the whole map, find a nice zone deep in enemy territory and with a armoured truck ft. a mounted gun, make a final stand and gun down everything and everyone that dares to cross your path. Great for mass genocide and bored people alike. For added fun, find a place near a petrol station or oil reserve and SHOOT ALL THE RED BARRELS.


10: Start a Forest Fire

Now, In real life- forest fires are dangerous things that leave many animals and people without homes and sometime cause extreme death and panic across third-world countries but in Far Cry 3, one loading screen and the forest returns – so why not grab a fireproof syringe, a flamethrower, some molotov’s and burn down an entire forest and all its inhabitants. Yay!



Thanks For Reading


Interview with Astragali – Core of The Shaft!

Today I got to interview Astragali. He does the show-notes for The Shaft as well as other awesome things! Awesome Guy!
His YouTube!
His Website!

TheRussianPigeon: Firstly, Explain who you are to those who do not know

Astragali: OK 🙂 I’m Mark Cooper, mostly known as Astragali, and I write a Minecraft blog, The Minecraft Scribe. I also help to compile the show notes for The Shaft Podcast, and recently, I became the English-language editor for the Minecraft web comic, Wondercraft.

TheRussianPigeon: Awesome.
TheRussianPigeon: Have you been playing much of the 1.0.0 update of the game?

Astragali: Pretty much as soon as it became available 🙂

TheRussianPigeon: Haha. Awesome 🙂
TheRussianPigeon: What’s your favourite mob?

Astragali: We’re supposed to *like* them? LOL… Erm, I think the skeleton 🙂

TheRussianPigeon: Haha
TheRussianPigeon: Did you attend Minecon?

Astragali: No *sigh*… I couldn’t afford to go. But I *did* watch the stream of the launch 🙂

TheRussianPigeon: I didn’t attend either.
TheRussianPigeon: So, how did you get the position of compiling the show notes for The Shaft?

Astragali: Right out of the blue, actually. Brent Copeland asked me if I could join him and Eric Fullerton in a Skype call, without explaining why… It wasn’t until I got there that they basically said, “We love your blog – would you edit our show notes for us?” That was a no-brainer on my part XD

TheRussianPigeon: Haha.

Astragali: I do the Minecraft Daily, Excavation Station, and Sightings sections 🙂
TheRussianPigeon: Awesome! If you could remove one thing from the game. What would it be?
Astragali: The bloody hunger bar! It pretty much forces people to build a farm as the first thing they have after making a shelter.
TheRussianPigeon: Haha. Have you ever tried creating a mod for the game?
Astragali: I’d love to, but I can’t program in Java. I can barely program in BASIC! >.<
TheRussianPigeon: Haha. Do you play with mods in the game?
Astragali: Yes, I have Zombe’s Mod Pack (out of which I use Fly and Compass), Single-Player Commands, OptiFine. I’ve been trying out Animal Tweaks, too, and really like it!
TheRussianPigeon: Awesome! What other games do you play?
Astragali: I’ve been trying out a few from the Humble Indie bundle (recently I tried out Uplink and Darwinia), and I’ve also become hooked on Solar 2 and SpaceChem. The latter has been making my brain hurt rather impressively.
TheRussianPigeon: Haha. What game are you looking forward to in 2012?
Astragali: I’m itching to play Scrolls… I won an alpha code for it from The Shaft back in April – and I just wanna play it!
TheRussianPigeon: Haha. Finally, What would you like to see implemented into Minecraft?
Astragali: Rideable mounts… Ideally, a dragon, but I’ll settle for being able to ride a pig around a maze without making myself dizzy 😀
TheRussianPigeon: Awesome! Thanks!
–End Interview–
He’s an awesome guy and you should all go subscribe to his YouTube.

Interview with XaPhobia – Creator of the Zombie Pigman Skin

Interview with XaPhobia – He Made The ZombiePigman Skin!!

Today I got to interview the creator of the ZombiePigman Skin! XaPhobia! Awesome Guy! Awesome Mob! Awesome Skin!
His Twitter!

Start Interview –

Sam Wilson: Firstly, Explain who you are to those who don’t know.

Chris B: Mm, XaPhobia, I’m a guy of a few talents, I guess. I write code in Java and C++. I also code websites as a side hobby. I’m getting progressively better at it, but people know me as the minecraft skinmaker who created that notorious Zombie Pigmen in the Nether.

Sam Wilson: That is awesome!
Sam Wilson: Have you played much of the 1.0.0 update of Minecraft?

Chris B: More than I’d like to admit, really. All I’ve been doing these last few weeks was playing in a few 1.0.0 servers. With a side play of Grand Theft Auto IV.

Sam Wilson: Haha. Did you attend Minecon?

Chris B: Of course. It was fun flying out to Las Vegas from Florida.

Sam Wilson: What was the best bit?

Chris B: Getting to help out as one of the MineCon Agents, I believe.

Sam Wilson: That’s cool ^.^
Sam Wilson: What’s your favourite mob in the game?

Chris B: I think that one’s a given. The very one I created, of course! The Nethers most populated mob, the Zombie Pigmen

Sam Wilson: Haha. Singleplayer or Multiplayer?

Chris B: A split of both, really. I do enjoy playing Multiplayer with friends, but I’m trying to make my own single player adventure series on YouTube.

Sam Wilson: Fair enough.
Sam Wilson: Would you class yourself as a builder or a survivor?

Chris B: Honestly? Survivor. I’m not fond of playing in Creative mode.

Sam Wilson: haha.
Sam Wilson: If you could REMOVE one thing from the game… what would it be?

Chris B: There’s not much I’d remove, really. The only things I’ve distaste for is the enchanting items with xp and how they weakened the diamond sword.

Sam Wilson: If you could ADD one thing to the game… what would it be?

Chris B: Ohohoho, that’d be a tough one. Actually, no it’s not. I want barbed wire fences! But Evil_Notch doesn’t like them. >:C

Sam Wilson: Haha
Sam Wilson: What other games do you play?

Chris B: I have too many to list. D: But specific ones? GTA IV is one of my favourites along with Resident Evil. But if we’re going based off computer games, then Terraria is coming in a close third, right behind the Roller Coaster Tycoon series. Except Roller Coaster Tycoon 3. I don’t like the new style. I miss the old blocky style!

Sam Wilson: Haha
Sam Wilson: When you made the ZombiePigman, did you expect it to be used by Notch?

Chris B: Actually, no. I was originally making it as a halloween thing for Miclee when we were with World of Minecraft. He was an Owner and I was an Executive back then (Highest ranks. Owner > Executive), and we were doing a staff Halloween skin theme. But Miclee tweeted Notch with it and Notch actually saw it.

Sam Wilson: Woah, that’s awesome!
Sam Wilson: Finally, How much more would you like to be added to Minecraft?

Chris B: More use in the oceans are a must. If the world generator gets tweaked to support larger maps and deeper oceans, then adding hostile water mobs will be a definite. I also would rather have the Nether exist directly below the bedrock level of the current world. Adding those “world holes” back so you can just dig your way into the Nether. Lets not forget giving the Villagers some functionality. Like killing a librarian gives you some books or a bookshelf, killing the priest gives gold nuggets or ingots, killing the normal people give wood tools or be capable of trading with all of them. They need sounds, too!

Sam Wilson: Awesome

–End Interview–

Well, that was fun 😀 Great Guy! Great Answers.