5 Things We Can Look Forward to as Twitch Plays Pokemon Takes on Johto



Just half an hour ago, Twitch Plays Pokemon kick-started their second journey into the Johto region and the wonders that lie within. Sitting here watching it, I’ve been trying to think of five awesome reasons why this will possibly be better than the original. So without further ado, let’s begin!

Number One – Shiny Pokémon

With the release of Generation Two, Nintendo introduced Shiny Pokémon into the game – I struggle enough through a playthrough when trying to find a shiny but with the length of time it’s going to take the stream to complete this game, I would not be surprised if they encounter one. I cannot wait to see the dread and disappointment on the faces of people as they watch a shiny Sneasel lose all of it’s HP and faint. This may not happen straight away, but when it does, I’m sure it will go down as the most watched part of the stream.

Number Two – All The Gyms!

Unlike the first generation, the second generation included a whole new set of gyms but included the old ones too – this means 16 badges and then the Pokémon league. It took long enough on the first stream to collect 8 badges and beat the league, but another 8 as-well. My Helix, this is going to take forever and at this rate, forty minutes through the game and we’re still stuck in the long grass on THE FIRST ROUTE, this is going to be a long adventure, my friends.

Number Three – Bug Contests!

I think a genuinely interesting challenge will be seeing if 80,000 people can win the bug-catching-contest which taunted us as children, spending 15 minutes looking for a Scyther, only to be outmatched by a level 15 Metapod? This is the kind of contest I’ll be interested in seeing when we finally get there. I think we should take on one challenge at a time, so let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

Number Four – Suicune

Talking about getting ahead of ourselves, Suicune, the most illustrious legendary in the game, always running, always hiding, it will be interesting to see, after we’ve beaten the league, if we keep playing until we catch Suicune. I remember spending hours as a kid trying to hunt down and catch suicune, so considering how much of an distortion of mess TPP is, it will definitely be a miracle if they can do it.

Number Five – The Hype

When the first Twitch Plays Pokemon launched, it was fairly unheard of but since then it has become an internet phenomenon – with this comes hype. Already, 40 minutes through the stream, 80.000 people are watching, and this is before a majority of Americans have come on the stream. This is a large amount of viewers to have and I doubt the hype will stop there, before long I expect way over 100,000 viewers on average.



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Five Characters Who Could Die in This Season of AMC’s The Walking Dead



In a week where I’ve already posted two Walking Dead articles, I thought that a third could do no harm – for this article, it’s five characters who I can realistically see dying in the latter end of Season Four – whether or not you agree with my opinions doesn’t matter, just sit back and enjoy the article.

Number 1 – Beth Greene


Beth’s been around for a while and really, in my opinion, lacks some very important survival skills that the other characters possess. She’s learning, becoming more emotionally detached to people and things during the apocalypse now but she is still an inferior survivalist when compared to many of the other characters. Her only saving grace at the moment is Daryl and she’s demonstrated that without him, she’d sure as hell be dead by now, even in the last few episodes.The longer Beth and Daryl go without shelter, the more danger they are put in and I definitely think Beth has a chance of dying. Chance of Death – 60%

Number 2 – Eugene the Science Guy


Eugene is probably the character I am least certain about: despite the fact he is the character on this list with the least survival skills. A relatively new character to the series, being introduced at the end of episode ten, Eugene is a scientist who apparently has some knowledge as to the origins of the virus – this vital knowledge would presumably give him some sort of immunity but I have a feeling that he may not last for the rest of this season, killing him off would throw a vital spanner in the works for Abraham’s mission to Washington D.C. and it would be interesting to see what would happen if Eugene. Chance of Death – 50%

Number 3 – Sasha



Tyreese’s younger sister, Sasha, is definitely a candidate for a possible death during end of this season – after catching the illness that spread around the prison, she was near-death anyway before luckily making a recovery in time to evacuate the prison. However, I think that her number is almost definitely up and if the writers were to kill of any character in particular, Sasha is up there with the favourites – she no longer has much of an interesting development-path as she has really explored all elements of her storyline. Chance of Death – 80%

Number 4 – Tara


Tara, introduced during the last half-season as the lesbian-cop-girl who genuinely has kicked arse over the last few episodes, refusing to fight alongside the Governor during the assault on the prison and more recently, teaming up with Glenn after the group has split up. However, I think that she essentially, is surplus to the show’s requirements and therefore, despite being able to shoot and having the survival skills necessary to survive. To cut a long story short, I assumed that either Tara or Glenn would die this season and I just feel that Tara is the more likely of two. Chance of Death – 65%

Number 5 – Daryl Dixon


This one may be the most risqué of all my decisions today but I have a gut-feeling, albeit a nasty one, that Daryl will die this season. The writer’s have spent a lot of time developing Daryl’s character and I think the perfect way to make people remember the Walking Dead would be to take a leaf out of Game of Thrones’ book and kill off one of the most loved characters. Since the re-start after the midseason break, he has had a pessimistic outlook on things, believing that he and Beth are the only survivors from the prison attack, added to the fact that he’s paired up with Beth, who is an accident waiting to happen (see the first character on this list). Daryl is in serious danger and therefore, if the writers really want to shock audience, we will see Daryl die before the end of this series. Chance of Death – 80%




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[Spoilers] Five Life Lessons We Can Learn From Breaking Bad


Breaking Bad, the phenomenal success that took the world by storm and concluded last year. It was an outstanding show with class acting, great cinematography and a killer story following a chemistry teacher who is diagnosed with cancer and decides to provide for his family by joining the meth-cooking industry, working his way up from local dealer to drug kingpin, Breaking Bad is a show you won’t forget for a long time. Hidden beneath all the action and meth-heads lie a variety of different connotations and morals we can gather from the series, cleverly worked in across the seasons by writer Vince Gilligan. Today, I’m going to run through five valuable life lessons we can learn from the show. Hope you enjoy!

1. Actions Have Consequences

Perhaps the biggest lesson of them all, this is one which we see over all five of the super-popular seasons. Everything Walt does has consequences: some beneficial, but in the most part, disastrous. For example, the whole ‘Risen’ debacle gets Walt into poor terms with Jesse which, without spoiling too much for those who have been hiding under a rock for the last few months, eventually leads to some ‘interesting’ things happening. This is a very important lesson to learn, everything you do: no matter how big or small, will find it’s way back to you, so be careful.

2. Family is Important (But Don’t Lie to Them!)

Throughout the show, Walt justifies his actions as “for his family”, which is true in some sense of the term, but ultimately, deceiving his family lead to the strained relationship with Skyler and the deterioration of his relationship with his son Walt Jnr. Season three is a big turning point where Walt continues to cook meth even after Skyler leaves him, as Gus manages to convince him to stay on. This is important as from here on, it ultimately becomes more of a ‘selfish’ which he is doing, despite his wife leaving him, he continues to partake in the actions which caused the breakup. So remember, do try and provide for your family, but try not to lie to them about your illegal actions.

3. Don’t Judge a Book by It’s Cover

To anyone, Walter White is just your average father/chemistry-teacher who is sadly diagnosed with a life threatening disease – possibly the last person you would expect to run a drug-empire and murder those who stand in his way (occasionally). This is important to learn as throughout life you will meet someone who is typically the quiet one, who doesn’t interact much, when really, they have the biggest story. So just remember, next time your sat in a lobby waiting for your job interview with a few other candidates, keep an eye on the quiet, withdrawn one, he may just win the job over you. Not everything is clear straight-away, something that made Walter so elusive.

4. If You’re Good at Something, Never do it For Free

Now, I’m not suggesting that you go home from work or school and instantly start cooking crystal meth because you may be talented at chemistry, but Walt had a talent. Not the best talent to have – but he had it, and he made a fine dollar off of it – so if you have a talent, may it be sport, painting or coding, never do it for free unless you have no ambition in life. Walt knew this and despite everything thrown in his way, he still continued to cook meth and ultimately, despite it not quite working out how he might have expected, at least he made quite a bit of money.

5. In the World of Work, Stay as Important as you Can

Walt escapes death a few times… when I say a few, I mean a half-dozen time for one pure reason – the fact that he is so important. This saves his life on many occasions when dealing with Mike, Gus and even Tuco. When he fears for his life most, Walt makes a big deal of the fact that he has more knowledge than everyone else and is therefore pretty much indispensable to the business. Now I’m not saying that your boss wants you dead, but it can definitely help you, if rumours of possible sackings are going round, if you stay as important as you can to the company you are working for.


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The Walking Dead: Season 4 Episode 12 ‘Still’ – What Can We Expect & Predictions


So after this weeks action-packed episode, there are a number of things we can expect from the next episode, from the synopsis and the official AMC preview – however, both seem to show conflicting ideas so I’ll run through what I expect to happen during the next episode.

The official synopsis released from AMC is, “An enlightening mission springs from a request from one of the group members.” Now, I presume that this is relating to the new rag-tag team that Glenn and Tara met up with last episode, and their supposed mission to Washington D.C. to presumably help discover the true cause of the outbreak. It was finally nice to see some storyline development but I’m not sure if spending multiple episodes dedicated purely to these new characters is the direction that the writers and Scott Gimple will be heading in. 

The preview showed quite the contrast and mainly insinuated that the episode will focus primarily on Beth and Daryl rather than the group we have been introduced to over the last two episodes – the preview showed some intense, and albeit pretty frightening-looking, scenes that we can expect from the next episode concerning Beth and Daryl exploring some very dark places – featuring a picture of Daryl looking very hungover. 

There is of course the eventuality that the episode will be split between the new guys and the Beth and Daryl duo – nethertheless, it will be interesting to see how this episode will pan out, we will see the same tense, action-packed episode as we did last week or are we going to see some cool new story development – either way, I can’t wait.


This article is (probably) dedicated to Katie

Twitch Plays Pokémon Religious Text

Here’s something I wrote for an English Homework today, based on the ever-growing-in-popularity Twitch Plays Pokémon and the Almighty Helix Fossil

In a day and age where democracy and anarchy are two terms so vigorously thrown around by humans and animals alike – we have to pick a side. The sinners, however, turn to the false prophet and the democratic side of things however they miss the point of our purpose. We must support the anarchist side in all of us and thrive in an environment where we must follow the commands of our lord Bird Jesus. The world is darkening and although all the time and effort we put into our day to day lives may be to no avail, there is to one deity we can turn to in our time of need.

 We must consult the helix fossil, if it is the last thing we do in our lives. Consulting the God of anarchy will show us the way as we struggle to overcome the greatest difficulties in our life. Alongside his son, Bird Jesus, the first of his kind and ‘DUX’ – the slayer of trees, the holy trinity will help defeat the false prophet and bring an end to democracy one and for all. When democracy was introduced, it offered as a firm rival to the anarchy we were all used to, as when anarchy reigns, we get things done, even if it is messy.

 As our life-journey progresses, days and weeks will pass to no avail but eventually when it is all over, it will only to continue to start again – except without the lord Helix Fossil and Bird Jesus but instead with a new power, one which will not fully surpass but possibly catch up with the omnipotence of the Helix. Ave gloriosa in nomine Helix.

My Thoughts On: The Walking Dead Season 4 Part 2 So Far

With every cold, dark February zombies return to our TV screens, ravaging all they can in  post-apocalyptic America. This is, of course, AMC’s The Walking Dead and on the 9th February, it returned to our screens after the mid-season break. To make this unbiased I’ll be just giving my opinion on the second half of the season so far.

There have so far been two episodes with another due to air this evening. After the disaster at the prison after the Governor [SPOILERS IMMINENT] killed Hershel and practically destroyed the prison – ultimately leading to his demise. The main group was split up: Rick and Carl were together, Michonne was on her own, Beth and Daryl were together, Maggie was with Sasha and our favourite alcoholic Bob whilst Tyrese was with the children – including baby Judith who we all really predicted wasn’t actually dead (as was first thought after the prison attack).

The first episode of the new half-season was certainly interesting and was in-fact a genuinely good episode and with the exception of Michonne’s scream, which I felt was slightly forced, the acting was surprisingly top quality considering some of the atrocities we saw last season. The episode had a decent plot and did very well to link characters into each-others paths. The episode centred mainly on Carl as Rick suddenly falls very ill, leaving Carl to fend for himself and indulge in the biggest can of ‘pudding’ I have ever seen. This was a breath of fresh air as until now, Carl hasn’t really proven himself and in-fact has been more of a hinderance than a help – something I have not been happy with over the past season or so – therefore it was nice to see Chandler Riggs getting some screen-time and as far as child actors go, ‘the kid ain’t bad’.

The second episode focused more on the other characters but Daryl and Beth had the most screentime – they’re an interesting pairing, Daryl is very rough and Beth is actually quite the opposite so it’s nice to see the juxtaposition of the two characters as they travel together and fight against the ever growing population of walkers. I didn’t find this episode as good as the first one but it was still a lot better than some of the episodes last season and did well to show group dynamics between characters who surprisingly work well together.

To sum up my short review of the season so far: I’m very much looking forward to what this half-season has in store for us and I’m praying that with the right writing and high quality acting, this could be the best season of the Walking Dead since Season Two. Don’t let me down Gimple & Co.


The Lego Movie (2014) Movie Review – Spoiler Free

What can I say about what is probably the most popular film of 2014 so far. The Lego Movie has shocked everybody with its star-studded cast of some of the brickest a-listers in Hollywood right now. I had the pleasure of seeing this film on it’s first day in British Cinemas, which just so happened to be Valentines Day. Anyway, I digress, today I have the pleasure of reviewing one of the best family films I’ve seen in recent years.

Firstly, I must confess, I did latch on to the hype bandwagon for this film and was keeping an eye for a release date since some-time last year. As a big fan of the Lego games, I was eagerly looking forward to this experimental movie which involved the toys which have kept most of us playing over the last couple of decades. The film built up it’s cast of some really class acting talent – including: the one and only Morgan Freeman, Hunger Games’ Star Elizabeth Banks and Arrested Development’s Will Arnett, as well as one hell of a supporting ensemble which is simply too vast to even begin to list. 

The thing which perhaps fascinated me most about this film was it’s consistent and genuinely amusing humour which was definitely persistent throughout and at some moments, had the entire cinema giggling to themselves like a school-girl. It is an important point to state that the ratio of adults:children in this screening was very much in favour of the former. The humour was stylish, witty and not sparse, which is always a positive, considering the amount of recent comedies which have the humour, but simply not enough over the film to keep you entertained. The humour was very similar to that of the games, so if you’re a fan of the tongue-in-cheek style humour that we’ve seen over the last few years, then this film is right for you.

The other thing I loved about this film was the overwhelming number of actor and character cameos throughout the film: the fact that ‘Batman’ was in fact one of the main protagonists was simply a breath of fresh air to the very controlled cinema that we’ve been seeing in recent years. With Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill starring as Superman and the Green Lantern respectively, this film was definitely not shy to go in all guns blazing in terms of Cameo appearances. Not only was there an abundance of random characters in the Lego Movie but Star Wars favourites Billy Dee Williams (Lando) and Anthony Daniels (C-3PO) also voiced their characters for a short moment of the film. 

My final main point is that this film was very aware of it’s target audience, which to be honest, was broad enough to cover all sorts of people: from die-hard comic fans to little children, this film had something for everybody. The self-awareness can be seen by the awkwardness of Jonah Hill’s Green Lantern, which is possibly referencing the atrocity which we saw a few years ago when it hit our screens. The Lego Movie combines the perfect amount of wit and humour with the balanced story and strong characters.

On to the more political and interesting side of the movie now, so if you were looking for a bit of light-reading, I’d consider stopping now. Anyway, this film is practically about a completely totalitarian state run by one dictator – Will Ferrell‘s President Business. The workers in this state have the same routine, eat the same things, watch the same boring sitcoms on TV and listen to the same repetitive, but actually damn catchy, song all day long. After the scene has been set, we get introduced to the Master Builder’s, those who dare to fight back against society, those whose minds have not been censored but the corrupt leader of the city. The master builders are very much independent towards the start of the film but as it progresses, we learn that they are capable of working together and when we work together, we can fight back against even the strictest, omnipotent governments. This is an important message in the film that many minors will not pick up but is definitely important nonetheless.

Anyway, to conclude, I loved this film. With the perfect balance of humour, story and connotations, it is something for the whole family to enjoy and therefore I highly recommend this film.

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Memento (2000) Film Review [Spoiler Free]

In 2000, a 30-year-old Christopher Nolan released what was just his second film on a career which would lead to what are possibly some of the best films we’ve seen in recent years – Inception, The Prestige and The Dark Knight Trilogy. The film I am writing about today is Memento, the psychological thriller concerning a man, suffering from short term memory loss, who, whilst noting down everything he needs to remember through photos and tattoos, is hunting the killer of his wife, who was murdered in the same incident that caused his ‘condition’. I am keeping this review spoiler free, so if you are worried about the clever twist at the end being ruined, you have nothing to fear.

I went into this film with a very sceptical mind, I expected it to be your run of the mill thriller, with ‘that twist’ in the tale that will leave everyone shocked, but after about halfway through, my mind had changed drastically. I knew the film had excellent reviews but, even as a reviewer, I am sometimes extremely let down, so I tend to prepare for the worst. The film got off to not quite the slow start we all know and ‘love’, instead, it was quite the opposite. With a quite intense opening scene, that of course, I won’t ruin, the film uses a clever trick to get you instantly involved and wondering what on earth is going on. I for one, had no clue whatsoever as to what was happening, nor did I care because I knew Nolan would find a way to explain it to even the dimmest of viewers.

Memento has a strange chronological mechanic to it, there are two story-lines, both concerning the same main character – Lennie, or Leonard as he prefers as we are often told through the film. However, one of the story-lines is going forward in time, whereas the other, is going backwards in time, leading to an eventual climax which actually occurs halfway through the overall timeline chronologically. This is indeed very strange, and I am still, despite 24 hours since I watched it, not quite sure what I feel about it. It was extremely clever but I am not sure if it quite had the same effect on me as it has had on many others. I will say though, that this unique feature is definitely one of the reasons that you should watch this film.

The acting was decent too, Guy Pearce did a good job as the main character and all the supporting actors and actresses definitely played their part well to contributing to the overall feel of this film. I was convinced of their acting ability and they thoroughly sustained their character’s role and emotions throughout the duration of the film. I can’t slate it too much apart from the fact that some of the lesser characters were not so consistent, but I cannot blame the actors for something that may be down to the script.

To conclude, I very much enjoyed watching this film yesterday evening. It had a great story, good characters and was visually impressive – the twist at the end was the icing on the cake for this film and I do recommend watching it if you get the chance.


Hope you Enjoyed.

A Quick Update

Howdy Y’all

This is just a brief update designed to inform you of my plan for the site and some changes that’ll be happening soon.

Firstly, starting today, I will be attempting to churn out daily film reviews under a new rating system, which shall be made clear in the first review. This is because I really want to get the site going again and I believe my film reviews are the thing you guys like best.

Secondly, I have exciting news. I will be moving all gaming-related posts over to http://startselect.net   They’ve been my sponsors for the last 2 years and I will be writing gaming-based content for them on their site, so keep your eyes peeled!


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The Palace – a Short Story Inspired by F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby

The Palace

-A Short Story Inspired by F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby-


It was just my first night in New York and already I had made a fair few acquaintances who lived there. We spent the day in the city, indulging ourselves in liquor and only the finest foods that ‘Le Pachoise Rouge’ had to offer. Incidentally, I later discovered that the French word ‘Pachoise’ is not in fact French at all, so it was a wonder to me how they managed to keep the restaurant’s name so incorrect. When I asked one of my new ‘friends’, Mr Trevor Westwood, he simply stated, “My friend, we all know, but in New York, nobody cares!”, and with that, I knew just the kind of town this place was.


After a heavy day of gallivanting around the various roads and plazas of the town, I was just about to head off home when one of the women, whose name escapes me, spoke up: “That rather extravagant fella’, oh what’s his name… Gatsby, that’s the one, anyway, he’s having anotha’ party tonight, maybe we should go and spend the evening there?”. Before I even got the chance to state that fatigue had overwhelmed me, the coupé we were in had sped off again.


It was not before long that we arrived at Gatsby’s palace: two large, golden gates stood between us and a plethora of different people. The gates were open and already the party inside was alive and thriving, people were dancing, prancing, drinking and, although it was only half past eight, sticking their tongues in each-others throats. There was a large pool with what seemed to be a bandstand of sorts in the centre, that night’s live performance was from a band which called themselves, ‘The Roaring Twenties’. They played some smooth jazz and the lead singer was a pretty woman of around 25, she wore a colourful hat and a long, cream dress.


Around the pool, there were more people, many of them had ‘that look‘, the look of someone who made more than triple the average wage and nearly all of them had a glass or beverage in their hand. There were multiple bars dotted around the pool and around the outside of the manor and I presumed that there were probably more inside the house itself.


The house was majestic, much wider than any I had seen in my life and certainly a lot taller than many others on this stretch of Long Island. There were many windows, presumably one for each room, possible more. Some were lit, some were not but I guessed that they cannot have been occupied as it seemed the life of the party was outside. My party and I sat down at a table on the upper terrace, the table itself wasn’t overwhelming, it was littered with candles and drinks and tissues and drinks, not the most pleasing sight. We were sat there, talking about this and that, for the best part of an hour before I offered to dance with one of the women we were sitting with, she was roughly the same age as me, about 28 but had a young face. She had long blonde hair and a smile that could cheer up even the darkest of days.


We danced for about 20 minutes, the music had an addictive, pulsating vibe to it and I am afraid I got rather caught up in it all. Before I knew it, I had had a bit too much to drink and I cannot remember much more from that evening. All I can remember though is the man who said Goodnight to me at the end of the evening. Jay Gatsby.



So this marks my return to writing properly, I’d like to say a big thank you to everyone who has supported me and kept reading over the last few months. I’d like to give a big shout out to the WeHateMovies Podcast (You can find them here), they’re utterly hilarious and worth a listen if you enjoy my film reviews.


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