Billy Mays He- No. This is not a place for Billy Mays to roam freely. Here, we capture Billy Mays (from the wild) and force them to write countless stories and articles. Only joking, my name’s Sam and i’m an avid gamer and writer. I am currently a writer at StartSelect. I LURRRVEE to write and although most of the time I fool around like a complete idiot, I wanted to make a website from me to YOU. Yes, You. Here, I will produce fresh content as frequent as possible for you all to enjoy and share. Yes, I said it, the s word. ‘Share’. I know it’s a hassle to help me out and all but I really appreciate any help, may it be a tweet, fan art, signed rabbit or even a hippo, I appreciate it.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy my antics and your stay here.



Note: Be Sure To follow me on ‘le twitter’ @Cynical5urvivor


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