Five Characters Who Could Die in This Season of AMC’s The Walking Dead



In a week where I’ve already posted two Walking Dead articles, I thought that a third could do no harm – for this article, it’s five characters who I can realistically see dying in the latter end of Season Four – whether or not you agree with my opinions doesn’t matter, just sit back and enjoy the article.

Number 1 – Beth Greene


Beth’s been around for a while and really, in my opinion, lacks some very important survival skills that the other characters possess. She’s learning, becoming more emotionally detached to people and things during the apocalypse now but she is still an inferior survivalist when compared to many of the other characters. Her only saving grace at the moment is Daryl and she’s demonstrated that without him, she’d sure as hell be dead by now, even in the last few episodes.The longer Beth and Daryl go without shelter, the more danger they are put in and I definitely think Beth has a chance of dying. Chance of Death – 60%

Number 2 – Eugene the Science Guy


Eugene is probably the character I am least certain about: despite the fact he is the character on this list with the least survival skills. A relatively new character to the series, being introduced at the end of episode ten, Eugene is a scientist who apparently has some knowledge as to the origins of the virus – this vital knowledge would presumably give him some sort of immunity but I have a feeling that he may not last for the rest of this season, killing him off would throw a vital spanner in the works for Abraham’s mission to Washington D.C. and it would be interesting to see what would happen if Eugene. Chance of Death – 50%

Number 3 – Sasha



Tyreese’s younger sister, Sasha, is definitely a candidate for a possible death during end of this season – after catching the illness that spread around the prison, she was near-death anyway before luckily making a recovery in time to evacuate the prison. However, I think that her number is almost definitely up and if the writers were to kill of any character in particular, Sasha is up there with the favourites – she no longer has much of an interesting development-path as she has really explored all elements of her storyline. Chance of Death – 80%

Number 4 – Tara


Tara, introduced during the last half-season as the lesbian-cop-girl who genuinely has kicked arse over the last few episodes, refusing to fight alongside the Governor during the assault on the prison and more recently, teaming up with Glenn after the group has split up. However, I think that she essentially, is surplus to the show’s requirements and therefore, despite being able to shoot and having the survival skills necessary to survive. To cut a long story short, I assumed that either Tara or Glenn would die this season and I just feel that Tara is the more likely of two. Chance of Death – 65%

Number 5 – Daryl Dixon


This one may be the most risqué of all my decisions today but I have a gut-feeling, albeit a nasty one, that Daryl will die this season. The writer’s have spent a lot of time developing Daryl’s character and I think the perfect way to make people remember the Walking Dead would be to take a leaf out of Game of Thrones’ book and kill off one of the most loved characters. Since the re-start after the midseason break, he has had a pessimistic outlook on things, believing that he and Beth are the only survivors from the prison attack, added to the fact that he’s paired up with Beth, who is an accident waiting to happen (see the first character on this list). Daryl is in serious danger and therefore, if the writers really want to shock audience, we will see Daryl die before the end of this series. Chance of Death – 80%




This article is dedicated to Katie… again -.-



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