My Thoughts On: The Walking Dead Season 4 Part 2 So Far

With every cold, dark February zombies return to our TV screens, ravaging all they can in  post-apocalyptic America. This is, of course, AMC’s The Walking Dead and on the 9th February, it returned to our screens after the mid-season break. To make this unbiased I’ll be just giving my opinion on the second half of the season so far.

There have so far been two episodes with another due to air this evening. After the disaster at the prison after the Governor [SPOILERS IMMINENT] killed Hershel and practically destroyed the prison – ultimately leading to his demise. The main group was split up: Rick and Carl were together, Michonne was on her own, Beth and Daryl were together, Maggie was with Sasha and our favourite alcoholic Bob whilst Tyrese was with the children – including baby Judith who we all really predicted wasn’t actually dead (as was first thought after the prison attack).

The first episode of the new half-season was certainly interesting and was in-fact a genuinely good episode and with the exception of Michonne’s scream, which I felt was slightly forced, the acting was surprisingly top quality considering some of the atrocities we saw last season. The episode had a decent plot and did very well to link characters into each-others paths. The episode centred mainly on Carl as Rick suddenly falls very ill, leaving Carl to fend for himself and indulge in the biggest can of ‘pudding’ I have ever seen. This was a breath of fresh air as until now, Carl hasn’t really proven himself and in-fact has been more of a hinderance than a help – something I have not been happy with over the past season or so – therefore it was nice to see Chandler Riggs getting some screen-time and as far as child actors go, ‘the kid ain’t bad’.

The second episode focused more on the other characters but Daryl and Beth had the most screentime – they’re an interesting pairing, Daryl is very rough and Beth is actually quite the opposite so it’s nice to see the juxtaposition of the two characters as they travel together and fight against the ever growing population of walkers. I didn’t find this episode as good as the first one but it was still a lot better than some of the episodes last season and did well to show group dynamics between characters who surprisingly work well together.

To sum up my short review of the season so far: I’m very much looking forward to what this half-season has in store for us and I’m praying that with the right writing and high quality acting, this could be the best season of the Walking Dead since Season Two. Don’t let me down Gimple & Co.



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