Memento (2000) Film Review [Spoiler Free]

In 2000, a 30-year-old Christopher Nolan released what was just his second film on a career which would lead to what are possibly some of the best films we’ve seen in recent years – Inception, The Prestige and The Dark Knight Trilogy. The film I am writing about today is Memento, the psychological thriller concerning a man, suffering from short term memory loss, who, whilst noting down everything he needs to remember through photos and tattoos, is hunting the killer of his wife, who was murdered in the same incident that caused his ‘condition’. I am keeping this review spoiler free, so if you are worried about the clever twist at the end being ruined, you have nothing to fear.

I went into this film with a very sceptical mind, I expected it to be your run of the mill thriller, with ‘that twist’ in the tale that will leave everyone shocked, but after about halfway through, my mind had changed drastically. I knew the film had excellent reviews but, even as a reviewer, I am sometimes extremely let down, so I tend to prepare for the worst. The film got off to not quite the slow start we all know and ‘love’, instead, it was quite the opposite. With a quite intense opening scene, that of course, I won’t ruin, the film uses a clever trick to get you instantly involved and wondering what on earth is going on. I for one, had no clue whatsoever as to what was happening, nor did I care because I knew Nolan would find a way to explain it to even the dimmest of viewers.

Memento has a strange chronological mechanic to it, there are two story-lines, both concerning the same main character – Lennie, or Leonard as he prefers as we are often told through the film. However, one of the story-lines is going forward in time, whereas the other, is going backwards in time, leading to an eventual climax which actually occurs halfway through the overall timeline chronologically. This is indeed very strange, and I am still, despite 24 hours since I watched it, not quite sure what I feel about it. It was extremely clever but I am not sure if it quite had the same effect on me as it has had on many others. I will say though, that this unique feature is definitely one of the reasons that you should watch this film.

The acting was decent too, Guy Pearce did a good job as the main character and all the supporting actors and actresses definitely played their part well to contributing to the overall feel of this film. I was convinced of their acting ability and they thoroughly sustained their character’s role and emotions throughout the duration of the film. I can’t slate it too much apart from the fact that some of the lesser characters were not so consistent, but I cannot blame the actors for something that may be down to the script.

To conclude, I very much enjoyed watching this film yesterday evening. It had a great story, good characters and was visually impressive – the twist at the end was the icing on the cake for this film and I do recommend watching it if you get the chance.


Hope you Enjoyed.


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