Kick-Ass 2 (2013) Film Review

It has been a while since the original Kick-Ass film, which I enjoyed, and I was thoroughly looking forward to the sequel. I made a trip to the cinema and was not disappointed – despite the fact that the film was not as comical as the first film. Anyway, here’s today’s review!

The acting in this film was average – nothing amazing but it wasn’t poor. Chloe Moretz and Aaron Johnson did well – as did Jim Carrey and Christopher Mintz-Plasse. I can’t slate the acting too much except for the fact that it was just generic ‘comedy’ film acting. Acting Rating – 7/10.

The story in this film was pretty good – it had some interesting parts and throughout the film I was kept excited and interested – instead of distant and tired. The story was fairly reminiscent of the first film but had some interesting concepts added to the base design. Story Rating – 8/10.

The cinematography in this film was nothing special either – there was no shaky cam, which is always a benefit, but there were no outstanding shots either. There were a few slow-motion camera shots that were interesting to watch but apart from that, it was fairly basic. Cinematography Rating – 7/10.

I really enjoyed the music in this film – from a collection of original scores which acted as backing music, to a whole separate album of actual songs – including Korobeinki – The Tetris Theme – which I picked up on almost instantly and poked the person next to me in the cinema until they heard me whisper “WHY ARE THEY PLAYING THE TETRIS THEME?” Music Rating – 9/10.

This film was fairly creative – as are the comics – this was something which was fairly exciting and was something different to every other superhero film that is out there at the moment – but it was maybe riding off the first film’s back a bit too much. Creativity Rating – 8/10.

The special effects in this film were mainly blood and gore – and the odd explosion or two. I can hardly complain about this but there was not much variety in what the special effects were used for. My only complaint was a bit of shoddy green-screening towards the latter moments of the film. Special Effects Rating – 8/10.

For a comedy film – I did not laugh anywhere near as much as I did during the first film – this film was much more serious and dealt with many more serious matters than the first film did. For that reason – I have graded this quite low on the basis that it was supposed to be a comedy film, not a drama. Comedy Rating – 6/10.

To conclude, this film was similar to the first film but in some ways, very different. It was this mixture that made me uncertain of whether or not I liked the film. Anyway, I’m going to rate this film Three and a Half Stars.


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