Top Ten Video-Game Soundtracks

Feeling Musical? No? Well, now you will be – today I’m going to be running through my top ten video-game soundtrack pieces, in order! Some you will expect, some not so much – but you’ll definitely recognize most of, if not all of these entries, without further ado – let’s begin!

Number 10: Uncharted – Nate’s Theme

This combination of strong drum beats and an epic melody help sum up the Uncharted game series in one tune – definitely a contender for a higher up position but I felt that there were some more worthy candidates for the top spots.

Number 9: Skyrim – Dragonborn (Main Theme)

This epic battle-inspiring piece is certain to lead you, the Dragonborn, into glory and defeat the evil dragon Alduin. The nordic chanting and climaxing-melody provides the perfect accompaniment to this brilliant game!

Number 8: Modern Combat Domination – Main Theme

Perhaps the one you didn’t see coming, very Hans Zimmer-eque in style and sounds like it should be straight out of a Call of Duty game – this piece is superb, just a shame it isn’t available to purchase on iTunes.

Number 7: Metal Gear Solid: Sons of Liberty Theme

MGS has always been good for it’s music, but I made sure that I only chose one piece per game franchise for this top ten – so I chose the Sons of Liberty Theme – give it a listen and unlike number 8, this is available to buy on iTunes! Yaay!

Number 6: Halo 3 – One Final Effort

Many of you would recommend other pieces from the Halo franchise but One Final Effort is my personal favourite – a combination of upbeat piano and epic battle theme – One Final Effort is not to be missed!

Number 5: Street Fighter 2: Guile Theme

Did you really think I’d miss this out? It goes with everything for god’s sake! This retro SNES tune is sure to provide a fitting soundtrack to anything you do on a daily basis – from making coffee to dealing drugs, wait, scrap that last part.

Number 4: Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time: Gerudo Valley Theme

When I remembered I could only pick one theme from the LoZ series, I knew I was in for a tough decision – I expected that the triumphant piece would come from Ocarina of Time… and here it is! The Gerudo Valley Theme – this fast paced tune has a nice clapping beat in the background with a lovely melody also.

Number 3: Deus Ex: Human Revolution – Icarus: Main Theme

It would’ve been so easy to rate this in second or even first but alas, it only managed third on my Top Ten. Icarus is the perfect epic theme to match Deus Ex – with melody which could inspire anyone to save Malik – Icarus deserves it’s place on my Top Ten.

Number 2: Tetris – Korobeiniki

Did you really think I’d miss out this? Out of all the music I had to choose from – I could not forget Korobeiniki, the Tetris Theme – the perfect fit to placing falling blocks. Get it? Perfect FIT? Hahaha – I’ll leave now.

Number 1: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2: Main Theme

Before I get called a ‘n00b’, ‘cod fanboy’ or whatever, I would like to say this: I’m not the biggest Call of Duty fan, I’ve played a few of the games, but only for the Campaign mode – I put this at number one – for two reasons. Hans Zimmer and How awesome the piece is. If this track doesn’t make you want to save your country – I don’t know what will!


Thanks For Reading/Listening and I hoped you enjoyed it! Remember, if you want to help me out – check out my GoFundMe Page – It means a lot –



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