[SPOILER FREE] Ten Reasons Why The Last Of Us is One of the Best Games Ever Made

Hello Everyone! Today I’m switching things up from the norm and giving you a special post. I’ve recently been playing a game called ‘The Last of Us’ – a brand new, Zombie-survival-adventure game made exclusively for the PS3. Upon reading about all the hype surrounding this game, I bought it and instantly fell in love. In-fact, this is up there as one of my favourite games of all time. So, here’s 10 reasons why it is so brilliant.

1: Naughty Dog

Naughty Dog are known as the company responsible for some of the most popular games franchises ever – Crash Bandicoot, Jak and Daxter and Uncharted. The two game directors for The Last Of Us: Bruce Straley and Neil Druckmann both had major involvement with Uncharted 2 and Uncharted 3 – two ground-breaking PS3 exclusives that also impressed me. Naughty Dog truly raised the bar with this masterpiece and I hope they don’t stop there.

2: Gustavo Santaolalla

This is the man responsible for the soundtrack of The Last of Us. The two-time academy award winner for best music created a unique blend of adventure and action into this score, which perfectly matched everything the game was about whilst being something that you can quite easily listen to outside of the game. The acoustics particularly impressed me, reminding me of the score to the BBC Show ‘Sherlock’

3: The Feels

This game had a clever knack of making anyone burst out into tears and bawl like a baby in the most random places – it catches you by surprise and hits you hard, right in ‘the feels’. I don’t want to spoil it for those who haven’t played the game but trust me, you’re in for one emotional rollercoaster when you do play it – all credit goes to Naughty Dog for producing a game which can, truly, make grown men cry.

4: Realism

Naughty Dog made sure that this game felt realistic to the player – almost all of the locations in the game were exactly the same as their real-life counterparts. Even ‘Lincoln High-School’, which you visit in-game is designed similarly to the real ‘Lincoln High-School’. Even the ‘Cordyceps‘, the fungus which infected and wiped out a majority of the world, are real. Cordyceps are fungus which take over the body of the host and control their every move, when the creature, typically an insect’ dies, the cordyceps sprout out, looking for a new host. It’s things like this, which make the game so realistic.

5: Joel and Ellie

Joel and Ellie are the main characters of The Last Of Us. Joel is an experienced man who is the main playable character for most of the game and Ellie is a Fourteen-Year-Old girl who Joel is tasked with the transport of to the ‘revolutionary group’ called ‘The Fireflies’. The characters are motion captured and voiced so perfectly, you can feel the emotion from the models, not to mention the fact that both characters are incredibly likable, which is always a plus.

6: Exploration

Don’t you hate it when you play a game and the only buildings you can explore are the ones which are key to the game progressing? Well, The Last Of Us has it’s limitations but a majority of buildings can be searched, explored and looted. This just adds to the immersion of the game-play whilst not delaying the entire story from progressing. There’s the perfect amount of accessible buildings which means you don’t spend your entire time looting buildings but still get that exploration element that so many games lack nowadays.

7: The Ending

So many games these days have linear, blunt and obvious endings which don’t leave the player interested once the game is over. However, the ending to the Last of Us is open and has many different interpretations. There is not much I can say without breaking the Spoiler Free element of this post but let me just say this, the ending will leave you hanging and desperate for more.

8: The Controls

I have never seen a control layout like this before and I must say, I like it a lot. It’s completely different to your average third-person action game and has a lot of nifty functions that are not available in many games. I dislike games with glitchy controls but The Last Of Us was brilliant – the fluid movement of the characters and unique combat controls made the game so much better.

9: Design and Graphics

The graphics in this game were absolutely phenomenal – it was almost movie-like how detailed and realistic the graphics were. Nearly all of the locations looked so aesthetically beautiful that I just had to stop playing for a while and admire the landscapes. This may sound ridiculous but I was truly amazed by the level of detail and design that this game had. Definitely one to look out for, for all you design-buffs.

10: The Main Menu

This is perhaps the most bizarre entry on this list but I have my reasoning. You can quite often tell the quality of the game by it’s main menu. The menu looked beautiful and just made me more excited about this game. I spent about two hours just listening to and watching the main menu. The ambiance in the background, the visual detail and quality, absolutely outstanding.

To Conclude, this is probably one of the best games you will ever play and I will certainly re-play this game a hundred times over.

If you liked this, I appreciate it if you share it with your friends and family – if you enjoyed gaming-based content, feel free to tell me and I’d be happy to produce more! My Twitter is @Cynical5urvivor – Ask me any questions you have!




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