Oblivion (2013) Film Review

First off, I’d like to say that this year’s most popular Sci-Fi flick Oblivion borrows a majority of it’s content from other Science Fiction films. Despite this fact, it managed to produce a completely original story with a twist that caught me right off guard. So Let’s Begin!

Tom Cruise has never put in a ‘bad’ performance, there have been questionable films but his acting is always solid and Oblivion was no difference. He put in a good performance, clearly working well with Olga Kurylenko, Morgan Freeman and Andrea Riseborough. Those three did well too, it was nice to see Morgan Freeman in something where he was not the ‘peaceful-friend’ to the main character and the other two were believable love interests to Cruise. Acting Rating – 9/10.

As I mentioned in the introduction – the story borrowed many aspects from other Science-Fiction films but still managed to produce a captivating story. The adventure of Tom Cruise on a journey of person discovery as he fights… some giant distopian robot, death star, planet.. thing. It was inventive, exciting, interesting and managed to keep my attention for the entirety. Story Rating – 9/10.

There were some good shots in this movie, I was impressed – it wasn’t the most art-deco film out there, but was it really going to be? It looked visually pleasing, some of the ‘in-ship’ shots looked great, there was an absence of shaky cam – something which greatly pleased me. The director of photography was the same who ‘directed the photography’ for Life of Pi and Tron Legacy, so she didn’t do badly. Cinematography Rating – 8/10.

The music for this film was pretty standard, nothing special here folks – I’m a big fan of music in films, but this really was ordinary. An original score, yes, but it was far from original and more like your ‘generic-sci-fi-score’. I would not go out of my way to re-listen to this score, nor would I pay £7.99 to purchase the entire thing on iTunes. Music Rating – 7/10.

The film was creative in the fact it managed to take a bunch of aspects from other films and compiled them into an original and creative story. This was impressive and I actually enjoyed it for this reason. There were a lot of bad mistakes that the film-makers could have made and they managed to avoid all of these. Creativity Rating – 9/10.

The special effects in this film BLEW. MY. MIND. The landscapes, the designs, the weapons – I loved every second of those. They just looked ‘cool’ and futuristic despite the fact several designs were ripped off of other films – but let’s just focus on the designs in this film. I had no issues at all with any green-screening or special effects – Perfect Performance. Special Effects Rating – 10/10.

There were some suspenseful parts of the film, mainly at the beginning and the end, with a lack during the middle. There were no complete ‘edge-of-your-seat’ moments but enough to raise my heartbeat a tad. I don’t think it was supposed to be a suspenseful film so I’ve had to grade it on what I thought was supposed to be suspenseful. Suspense Rating – 8/10.

To conclude – I enjoyed this film a lot more than most of the films I’ve had to watch so far for this site – and I award this film a Star Rating of 4. It was nothing outstanding but was still pretty impressive. 


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