World War Z (2013) Film Review

First off, I read the book before I saw the movie, so I had low expectations going into this new horror flick starring Brad Pitt among others, including the latest ‘Doctor Who’ – Peter Capaldi. I saw this at the last showing of my local cinema and I have to say – I was impressed. It took elements from other Zombie films and cleverly put them together. I’d put this off because I thought I would be disappointed – but I feel quite the opposite. 

The acting in this was good – the film was spread over around different locations so it’s mainly Brad Pitt and other co-actors at random points in the film. Brad put in a good performance – but then again, he normally does – like Tom Cruise, you can’t really find many bad films due to his acting – but none extraordinarily good. Anyway, the other actors were good – made it actually feel like the end of the world. Acting Rating – 8/10.

The story was impressive – it was only loosely based on the source material – which left more room for an actual story and less documentary style.  There were a few good twists along the plot line and there were some great scenes – along with the good acting and some other good elements, the story was powerful, however slightly distant from the source material. Story Rating – 9/10.

There were some nice shots in this film – but there is not much to say as it was pretty average the rest of the time. The helicopter and plane shots looked alright but sometimes the camera was a bit too ‘shaky’ – to the point where I was thinking “Who-wait-wha-whe-wha?” because it was just too fast and shaky – the plane scene in particular. Other than that – it was average. Cinematography Rating – 7/10.

The music for this was good – it helped create a balance of action and tension – when it was needed most. The ‘Main Theme’ had a kind of ‘Tubular Bells/Exorcist’ feel to it – which I guess is a good thing for a horror film. A lot of the music involved loud drum beats and loud acoustics which set the mood and atmosphere for the scenes throughout the movie. Although not a soundtrack I would buy to listen outside the movie – I was still reasonably impressed. Music Rating – 8/10.

This film, in a way, was creative and unique – despite being ‘based on the novel’ – which it wasn’t really – only vague references to the source material appeared throughout the movie and nothing more. Which was both a good thing and a bad thing. The fact that the film centered on someone who was with the Military/UN, who are normally depicted as the bad guys in Zombie films, was a nice take. Creativity Rating – 8/10.

The zombie design was something that I absolutely LOVED in this film – they looked so horrid and cool-looking. My favourite was the one standing outside of the vault that Brad Pitt had locked himself inside towards the end of the film. The special effects in the plane crash were pretty good too – when the grenade blew a whole in the side of the plane, it looked very good and realistic. Special Effects Rating – 9/10.

I won’t lie to you all – I jumped out of my skin twice during this film. This was down to tension – then a sudden jump-scare, which was effective. The music helped build up a tense atmosphere – as did all the close quarters environments that the scenes were set in. Suspense Rating – 8/10.

In conclusion – I thoroughly enjoyed this film, whether it’s because I’m a massive Zombie fan – or if it was a genuinely good film – nevertheless, I give this film a 4-Star Rating for a solid production!

Hope y’all enjoyed!:)


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