Saw VI (2009) Film Review

I start this review with a disclaimer: if you read this review and want to see Saw VI, please, for the love of god, watch the first five films beforehand. The story is very complex and requires you to have seen and inspected every single individual second of the rest of the series. You think I’m joking? I’m not. Just don’t say I didn’t warn you when you make this mistake. Enjoy the review!

The acting in this film was definitely one of the weakest elements of it. These people are supposed to be terrified, begging for their lives, not half-asleep, half-arsed and half-bothered. None of the actors particularly stood out from the rest and even Peter Outerbridge who had the most screen-time as ‘William’, put in a below-par performance which really set the tone for the rest of the actors and actresses. My favourite performance was from Costas Mandylor, who played main antagonist Hoffman but yet again, I wasn’t overly impressed by his performance. Acting Rating – 5/10.

The story in this film basically ripped off every other film in the series and lost any sense in term of the series story arc. The fact that the Jigsaw killer isn’t supposed to murder anyone is basically thrown out of the window when Jill puts Hoffman in the bear trap and I just wasn’t impressed. You cannot have specific continuity facts and arcs if they’re going to be broken. The main story for this film follows an Insurance boss attempting to save the lives of his co-workers in a larger attempt to save his family. Albeit, there is one twist that got me that saved this story from being a complete disaster. Story Rating – 5/10.

The cinematography in this film, as they say, is a lot like marmite. You either love it, or you hate it. The ‘rushed and ready’ style of filming impresses me, despite leaving a lot to be desired for many critics. I think for a film all about traps and torture, the rushed style of cinematography is perfectly suited. As I have said before, these reviews are based on my personal opinion and in this case, I really enjoyed most of the shots and the cinematography excelled. Cinematography Rating – 8/10.

Saw I produced one of my favourite film themes, ‘Hello Zepp’. This is more commonly known as the Saw theme but I think it is amazing. In fact, the other music in Saw VI was so non-existent that I am grading this purely on that one piece. To me, it sounds like clockwork, like gears, all fitting into place like the Jigsaw traps throughout the series. There could not be a better theme for these movies and this one, it produces a perfect representation of what the films are about, chance, machinery and fate. Music Rating – 8/10.

If this review was for Saw I, it would get a much better rating for creativity because I hate to say it, but it’s just been the same premise re-used over the entire series – “Live or Die, make your choice”. Sure it’s creative and some of the traps in this are my favourite, such as the carousel trap but there’s only so much creativity a film can reproduce over the years and Saw has really failed to spice things up in any way other than adding new traps, which is not exactly hard. Creativity Rating – 8/10.

The special effects in this film are pretty impressive – as they are throughout the series. The ‘effects of the traps’ are interesting – there’s plenty of blood and gore so if you are squeamish, try to give this film a miss. In terms of blood and violence, it is the 2nd most bloody film in the series and really does not sugarcoat anything – which is what should have been done in the rest of the films. Special Effects Rating – 8/10.

This film is undoubtedly very suspenseful. With most traps, tension is built with the constant use of a timer and the music as well. I certainly feel tense when watching these scenes, mainly supporting the people trying to escape but in some cases, wanting the people to suffer for their sins. Seriously, I enjoyed the tension in this film as it reminded me of the fact that this is a Horror/Mystery film, which should include lots of tension as both of those genres specialize in it. Suspense Rating – 9/10.

To conclude, Saw VI is good but was really just used to help tie up loose ends created throughout the series. It’s nothing special but is probably enjoyable to hardcore horror fans.

Star Rating – 3.5 Stars


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