Operation 708 : Part One

The World had collapsed. War and anguish engulfed what was once a planet full of life and diverse culture, of wildlife and natural beauty, of peace and love. This time 3 weeks ago, I had seventeen squad-mates… now it’s just me. We are the Task Force 101: Cobra Patrol… or at least we were. Now I’m sitting in here, in what just remains a destroyed relic of the Statue of Liberty with twenty-three starving people who need looking after. People who just want a home, except the days of ‘just having a home’ are over. Now, life is about survival of the fittest, whoever has the willpower TO survive… WILL survive. Those who don’t have the required willpower will die. Gripping my magnum, I stand up and count how many bullets I have left. Six left. I walk over to the fire, where most of the survivors are huddling for warmth. “I’m leaving.” Everybody looked shocked as I announced my near-future departure. “I need to find what’s left of the Task Force everyone, I hope you all understand.” Eight or nine of the survivors stood up and wished me farewell, whilst the others concealed their faces, obviously in anger or annoyance. I grabbed my rucksack and left the relic. The destruction of New York had led to a bridge of collapsed buildings across from Liberty Island. Even now, I could still hear the faint gunfire in the distance and from time to time, I saw a helicopter fly over the city.

Last week, Russia declared war on India. India enlisting our help alongside the British decided to hold off an attack till the right time. Unfortunately, Russia were one step ahead of us and launched an armed attack on the US, Waiting for the British and Indian armies to arrive and defend the US.. and once distracted, Russia blew up London and Mumbai, killing all the remaining strong-forces. From here, the world… bit by bit, was destroyed by Russian Army Leader, Aleksander Perstalov. The Year is 2018, the year the world ended.

I walk across the bridge, when I notice a light coming from the Museum of Natural History. Wondering if maybe, survivors lurk inside, I walk over to the demolished building but notice that a corner of the museum still stands. I walk over to the window and crouch down underneath it. Slowly, I peer through the window and realise that survivors aren’t there… but Russian soldiers are. I creep round the side of the building, making sure that I am out of their line of sight. “Shit!” I’ve left my backpack over by the window, before I get the chance to move, I can hear the Russians moving out of the building and one of them notices my backpack. “American scum!” “We know you are here!” I pull out my magnum and slowly make my way to the corner. By my left foot I notice a used water bottle. Picking it up, I throw it into the road. Using this time valuably, whilst the soldiers are distracted, I climb through the window, but too late to notice a Russian soldier facing away from the window… luckily. I put my gun away as shooting him would make too much noise. I reach for my boot, taking a Japanese knife out of it, silently moving towards the soldier and slitting his throat, before he can do anything about it. I drag the body out of the doorway and into the room. Now I had a minute or two to take what I could find. On the table was a map, some handgun ammo, some energy bars (which I had to cram into my pocket as the Russians still had my rucksack) and a radio. I soon headed back out of the window, smashing it with elbow to make some noise and walked around the back of the building.

As the Russian soldiers noticed their dead comrade and the missing objects, they began to call for reinforcements. I had no time to get my rucksack back and made a dash for the Russian jeep. As I slammed the door, they noticed me and I didn’t have much time. Turning the key, I pushed my foot against the metal pedal and sped off down the road. Under fire now, I turned left down a side road and headed towards the edge of the city. Just as I came out from under the cover of the building, I noticed a Black-Hawk helicopter hover above my head and start to fire at the armoured car. I had to do something drastic and took a turning towards Liberty Island and drove straight towards the water at full speed. Just as the car left the ground, flying towards the water. I opened the door and leaped out. The car hit the water with immense momentum, sending ripples through my body and covering me with a giant wave. I put my head above the water and noticed that I was unspotted, gunfire still heading very much towards the sinking jeep. I take a deep breath, dive underwater and swim away towards the city boundaries.

I sit on the riverbank now, looking out towards the helicopter and all the gunfire still in the city. I stand up and start walking along the side of the road to the next major city.-


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