10 Fun Things to do in Far Cry 3

Everyone’s enjoying Far Cry 3 – but have you completed the game? Have you unlocked every radio tower and conquered every enemy post? Then here’s my list of “10 Fun Things to do in Far Cry 3”


1: Collect ’em All!

Around the map are 200 or so collectible items: relics, WW2 letters and memory cards. If you are the kind of person who loves to complete games thoroughly then you should explore the vaas-t (heh, get it?) map and collect all of these items. Some require a sense of adventure and some require raw killing power to find them. One things for certain, this won’t be a five minute job.


2: Deadliest Catch

This is one of my favourite things to do when i’m bored in Far Cry 3. Simply find a lot of crimson leaves and make lots of hunters instinct syringes. Then, find a boat with a mounted gun and sail out into the middle of the ocean. Once there, use the syringe and get ready to make some noise and watch the entire shark population of Rook Island come for their dinner. Then, hop into the mounted gun and destroy all the living things in the surrounding area.


3: I Choose You! Tiger / Bear!

As you may know, at various enemy outposts, they decide to keep dangerous, man eating animals in flimsy wooden cages. When invading a enemy outpost (if you haven’t already beat them all), shoot anywhere on the wooden cage surrounding the animal and bit by bit, the animal will tear apart everyone inside. Who needs to do any work yourself anyway?


4: The Road Block

Are you a fan of explosions, well simply find 2 or 3 cars and block up a bridge or popular road. Then strap 2 C4 to the cars. Wait for traffic to pile up, friendly or hostile and click that C4 Switch. The more you kill, the more XP you get so be patient and strike at the optimum time. Alternatively, stick 2 landmines on a bridge, less patience, less XP.


5: The Kamikaze Tortoises of Doom

Here’s a fun use for passive animals. Buy some C4 and strap it to the backs of 1 or 2 turtles. Note: this requires extreme patience. Wait from a distance and using your camera, track the turtles as they make their way into interesting areas. Then, when you’re so bored you can’t wait much more. Blow them up and watch tiny little chunks of tortoise fly into the dinners of native children.


6: Friends, What Friends?

After conquering an enemy outpost, you find that Rakyat warriors come to your aid (a bit late) and claim the outpost. Well, when exploring the nearby areas, you will find a lot of Rakyat going out for a nice drive through the country. Grab a car yourself and have some fun. It may sound complicated but lock with another car, (side by side), and drive the Rakyat off a bridge. They’ll automatically drown and you’ll have some free ammo and loot!


7: Go Paragliding

I’m sure each and everyone of you that own Far Cry 3 have at some point gone paragliding, but have you tried abandoning ship in mid-air and trying to survive the fall. A bit of a challenge but looks cool if you do it right. Try near-missing through a mountain range, or plummeting straight into the ocean, hours of fun.


8: Go Cenote Diving

Around the map, you’ll find lots of ravines and cenotes, well for a bit of fun, try doing the flashiest dive into the boStttom and once you’re there. Look around for hidden loot and hidden items. But don’t forget about the crocodiles that lurk underwater – make yourself a nice leather wallet whilst you’re at it!


9: Make a Stand

If you haven’t conquered the whole map, find a nice zone deep in enemy territory and with a armoured truck ft. a mounted gun, make a final stand and gun down everything and everyone that dares to cross your path. Great for mass genocide and bored people alike. For added fun, find a place near a petrol station or oil reserve and SHOOT ALL THE RED BARRELS.


10: Start a Forest Fire

Now, In real life- forest fires are dangerous things that leave many animals and people without homes and sometime cause extreme death and panic across third-world countries but in Far Cry 3, one loading screen and the forest returns – so why not grab a fireproof syringe, a flamethrower, some molotov’s and burn down an entire forest and all its inhabitants. Yay!



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