The Aftermath – Chapter Two

I walked outside of my door, gun in hand and watched as doors all around the town opened. The air was cold and I walked over to the body of the man, lying dead on the floor. I rolled the body over and unhooked the satchel from his shoulder and walked over to the shop. People glanced at me, with eyes that made me feel guilty for what I’ve done. I walked into the shop and dropped the satchel on the counter. The shopkeeper stared at me and then nodded. I walked out and headed back  home. The gun was now in my belt and I was starting to regret my decision. I went back inside my house, finished off cooking my dinner for the evening, ate it and went to bed. I was awoken earlier than usual, by knocking on my front door. I got out of bed, put some slippers on my feet and proceeded to open the door.

As I unlocked the door and opened it, I was greeted by what must’ve been ten or twenty people. One man stepped forward, who I recognised as one of the old café owners, and said “We… uhh… we don’t think that you should stay here any more “. Shocked, I replied, “What? Why?”. “The way you killed that man… we don’t want any more trouble…”. “I killed that man to save all of your lives! This is what I get?”. “Well we just thought that-“. I was getting angry now, “Thought that what?”. “We really don’t want any more trouble.” By now, I knew I wasn’t wanted so I closed my door and started packing. It was going to be difficult leaving the safety of the town and I wasn’t sure what to expect out in the wilderness.

After packing for a couple of hours, I finally left my house for the final time. Gun in pocket and suitcase in hand. I can’t say that I was too happy about leaving this safety but I could not dwell too long on my mistakes. I left the town and turned my head to see if anyone was there but everyone was locked in the safety of their houses.

A few hours passed and I was still walking in the desolate wasteland of England. I stopped off at a few deserted places to look for useful supplies but with no avail. I was having no luck, my arms were feeling weak and so were my legs. I found a bench in a deserted Norwich and sat down. I opened my backpack and took out some water. Just as I was drinking it I heard a noise from down the road. I panicked and found the nearest alley to hide down, leaving my backpack on the bench. A car pulled up next to the bench, what looked like a Volvo. A man opened the car door, got out and slammed the door behind him. He walked over to the bench and picked up my bottle of water. I stared on and knew that I was in for a long wait…



To Be Continued…


Thanks Guys! I’m back after a while ;D




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