Antiques Roadshow – An Original Rant

Since the beginning of time, there have been many forms of torture, from the Chinese variation… to just beating up the ‘victim’, but nothing can compare to the severe pain of sitting through an hour long episode of Antiques Roadshow. Antiques Roadshow is an OLD, BORING programme where OLD, BORING people talk about OLD, BORING things, to an OLD, BORING audience. Whatever the crime, I would put no man or woman through the pain of Antiques Roadshow, not even five minutes of it.

What I cannot figure out, is why the ‘BBC’(who you think would want to actually entertain their audience) would be so stupid as to air a programme which has never gathered giant viewing figures since it started in 1979. The current edition is presented by an ex-news presenter. Unfortunately for viewers, there is a reason someone is made an ‘ex’ news presented. They are boring. Fiona Bruce is the most boring person alive; she is dreary, monotone and ALWAYS, ALWAYS looks the same. You’d think for such a boring programme that they would choose a cheerful friendly presenter… No.

I’m starting to think that the British Government deliberately made this to interrogate and maybe even subconsciously hypnotise foreign criminals because not only did they feel the need to make us pay for our sins… but the programme also has international versions from countries such as Australia, Canada, Finland, Germany, Holland, Sweden and the USA. Why would they feel the need to do this?

Eight o’clock on a Sunday night is normally peak time and for many children under the age of 12, is their last programme of the day before they go to bed. So, with this information, doesn’t the BBC think that airing a boring programme aimed at lonely, old people at this time is a silly thing to do? Of course not. Instead of airing a drama programme or a comedy programme, they feel the need to air ‘this’. I don’t think I want to refer to it as its proper name again…

Some people may argue that AR is factual, educational and interesting… but those people are wrong. No doubt about it. The BBC is by far the greatest television network this country has to offer and that may change unless AR is exterminated. It should be taken off-air with no prior warning. If you have nothing better to do with your life, watch Antiques Roadshow. If you want to make time go slowly, watch Antiques Roadshow. If you wish to torture your family, watch Antiques Roadshow.

In all seriousness, this programme, like many useless programmes should not be aired. It has no purpose and it is not entertaining either. The peak slot should be used for quality entertainment, rather than a 40-year-old programme which still feels like it was made in the 70’s. The BBC need to pick up their act, before it’s too late… when ITV overtake them.


Hope You Enjoyed,

CynicalSurvivor (Don’t forget to comment with which rant you would like to see next!)

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