Chronicles of a Miner – Chapter Two – Escape

What was I to do? I was stuck in here and soon it was going to fill up, drowning me in the process. I used my hands to feel around the wall, looking for a way out of this hell-hole. As I began to run out of ideas, I stumbled upon what seemed to be a wall mounted candle. I fumbled around in my pockets, looking for matches. “Dammit”, I thought to myself, I had left my matches in my backpack on the surface. I crouched down and looked around the floor for flint. As I ran my hand over something which seemed to be a rock, I picked it up and struck it next to another one, trying to create a spark.

After countless attempts, finally, a spark flew. Now, I held it nearer to the candle (water up to my knees by now) and struck it. The light from the candle saved my life. I could now see what I was faced with. I looked around the empty cavern, looking for some sort of escape route. Beginning to give up hope, I noticed what looked like a small tunnel, leading into the rocky sides. I quickly ran over towards it and tried to climb up but it was simply too high. After carefully planning my next move, the water had reached my waist, I had to think of a way to get up there. I was going to wait until the water was deep enough for me to swim up. 

The water was murky, once underwater, I could barely see anything. I placed my hands on the edge of the tunnel and pulled myself up, kicking my legs behind me. I first lay my arms in the hole, slithering my body up, finishing off with my legs. I was safe…. for now. It was a matter of time before this tunnel would fill up. I crawled through, faster and faster, until my legs were hurting me. I turned around, stretching my legs as much as I could with my back pressed against the wall. This was hopeless. 

When I decided to start crawling again, the tunnel was filling with water. My knees were submerged underwater and I was getting thirsty, hungry and tired. The rocks were starting to really hurt my knees but I was not just going to give up. I carried on and eventually I reached what seemed to be another cavern… except it wasn’t. As I reached the end, I noticed that it was, in fact, the end of the tunnel. What loomed ahead of me was a fall. Looked to be about 100 meters. At the bottom there was rock. No water, no grass, rock. If I fell, I would die. I thought that this was the end of my journey but then I saw it. Something that would potentially help my escape. A ledge.


To Be Continued!

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Hope You Enjoyed!



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